Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

divine intervention cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: An LGBTQIA+ rainbow sheep angel appears in the night to a white sheep pastor of a church that has a sign on it saying, "Welcoming But Not Affirming". The pastor says, "Ooops!"

I never arrived at being affirming intellectually. 

I arrived at it lovingly.

What I mean is, although educating myself was involved, what really changed me was knowing and meeting people who were gay, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, asexual, gender fluid, queer, etcetera.

My love required me to change.

It was a love crisis that created the thought crisis that created the necessary change.

Like a divine intervention.

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Sorry. 2 more quick things.
1. If you want to help the gay people in your life, maybe lead them to a support group that believes the Bible, but still where they can talk openly about their struggles with other LGBT+ people and pray for each other. I used to attend one many years ago and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. But groups like that are very rare now. Or a Chri therapist who stands on the truths of the Bible, but still maybe can empathize.
2. I don’t mean to give the impression that I never have same sex desires. I do. But like any other Christian, I have to pray and realize that I’m running a race and that the Holy Spirit will give me the grace I need to finish. No matter how hard it is
Have a graet day.

Fleur Martin

Hi. The best thing you can ever do is stand your ground that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. This means that what is in it is true- no matter what.
Think of it like this: If you “affirm” people in something the Bible leaves no question about, then how are you, in the long run, helping them know Christ and understand that repentance is necessary for salvation? I am someone who would ordinarily identify as lesbian, except I choose to identify as a Christian before anything else since I am supposed to be a new creature- no matter how I feel or what my flesh says. I actually had a Christian friend
for many years who knew all about my orientation and was always there for me in my struggle. In that sense, she was affirming of me- as a person. NOT of my choices to be sexually active in the times that I was. She was very clear on how she felt about what the Bible says. She never waivered. And because she was my friend, I didn’t emotionally blackmail her into accepting something she knew was against the Bible.

I TOTALLY understand how it can be hard to distinguish between a gay person who is celibate but still desires it vs. an active person vs
a monogamous marriage, etc. But God is more concerned about our hearts. If, in your in your innermost heart, you view yourself as still gay, or still desiring a relationship, especially if you haved been saved for awhile, then it might be time examine your relationship with Christ. NOT SAYING A PERSON OS NOT SAVED. But maybe they need deliverance still. We all do. Or need to relearn about repentance. But as a pastor, God will hold you accountable for your sheep. If you led them astray or did anything, even accidentally, because you allowed yourself to follow the wrong thing, then God will hold you accountable. In the long run, its better for everyone.

Fleur Martin

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