Do NOT take the deconstruction of your beliefs lightly!

HERE for 30% OFF with coupon 'socool' or any other art! >Do not take the deconstruction of your beliefs lightly! I've been through it. It works if done well. But it is a very painful process. I did experience very disturbing emotions. I did experience a lot of confusion. I did go numb for a while. I did lose friends. Some of my family wondered what the heck happened to me. But I made it. I have peace of mind. It has not gone away. However, I've found that having mentors talking me through it, as well as a community of other people experiencing deconstruction and those who have endured it, invaluable! I couldn't have made it without them. I started The Lasting Supper in 2012, two years after I left the ministry and the church. These people, most of whom are still there, were my traveling companions. We're all supporting each other as we come to a better place. Thankful.
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