Do some Christian leaders today have it all backwards?

"Foot Washing" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward HERE. ALL my ART is 50% OFF with coupon code "sweet". > Those servant passages were written specifically for leaders and aspiring leaders, not their followers. What if leaders really served? I don't mean by selling us their books at a discount or by inviting us to an after party following one of their speaking gigs or by welcoming us to their plush churches or by making it easier for us to adore them or by providing ways for us to get close to them and breathe the same air they do. What if they really served us? I mean really served us. Helped us. Provided us assistance. Made sacrifices for us. Got themselves dirty on our behalf. Humbled themselves before us. Worked for us and not against us. Joined in solidarity with us. Became us. What if? Isn't that what incarnational theology is all about? God gave up ambition and humbled himself and became a warm-blooded" person." Why can't our leaders? I'm thankful there are some real servant leaders out there just to prove that it can be done.
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