Do You Believe in My God?

do you believe in my god cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A google translate chart. On the Christianese side, "Do you believe in God?" On the English side, "Do you believe in my god?"


When we progress along our theological journeys and perhaps even deconstruct our beliefs, we begin to realize one of the hardest questions to answer is, "Do you believe in God?"


Because now we know a couple of things are going on that the questioner is unaware of:

One is that there are as many versions of God as there are those who believe in "God".

Second is they have an image (literally "idol") of "God" in their head and they want to know if you have the exact same one inside yours.

Third is that they are attempting to figure out whether or not you are on the right side, which is their side, so they know whether to respect and accept you or not.

When someone asks me that question and I now respond, "Well, let's unpack that question...", I know they've already written me off and dismissed me as some kind of libtard and stopped listening to me.

You know what I mean?

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