Do You Feel Abandoned?

"Abandonment Issues" cartoon by David Hayward

DO YOU FEEL ABANDONED? One of the main reasons personal spiritual development can be difficult is because we experience abandonment. We experience abandonment by: 1. the beliefs that gave us assurance and comfort; 2. the object of those beliefs: our God; 3. the people associated with those beliefs‚ community, friends, and even family. If we take the story of the life of Jesus as a metaphor for spiritual development, we see that he began with crowds and ended up alone. Here we have the mature mixture of ‚Äúnot my will but yours be done‚Äù‚ the necessary surrender to Reality, and ‚ÄúMy God, my God, why have you forsaken me!‚Äù‚ the just as necessary surrender to Mystery. The church does not do a good job warning us of this probability. Why? Because it may not be able to embrace it itself, and because it may mean the loss of members. I believe authentic spiritual growth will lead us to a mysterious but peaceful solitude. We may or may not find fellowship there. Regardless, we've been faithful to our own spiritual journeys, and that's what matters most. My greatest passion is helping others through this difficult process. If you want to talk with me about it, please email me. I do coach on this issue, but there's no pressure to commit to anything at all. Our first conversation is just that‚ a conversation intended to help you through this. I don't hold anything back. At the end of our conversation, if you want to continue with me traveling with you, then we'll discuss it. OR... maybe you would like some community. Our online community might do the trick! Check out The Lasting Supper.
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