Do you have early-onset Atheism?

When I was a boy I woke up in the night terrified by the thought of death. I went to my mom and dad to seek comfort. Nothing seemed to work. Fifty years later and I can see my progression to this point where I now detect strands of believer and strands of atheist interwoven through my life. I can see in that frightening event the roots of my inner believer and the roots of my inner atheist. I'm at peace now. I mean peace of mind. Theologically. Spiritually. This doesn't mean life is easy. But my mind, when it comes to these existential issues, is at peace.And I'm okay. I encourage people to relax with themselves. There's no need to determine a precise place to stand. There's no need to choose one label. There's no need to reject or accept one descriptor over another. You're okay. The first step is accepting your complex self with all your inner diversity. You are an ocean fed by many streams. Embrace that. That's where youbegin your peace. By loving yourself as you are.
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