Do you identify as a spiritual refugee?

"Spiritual Refugees" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Are you a spiritual refugee? Do you know what a refugee is? Here is a very basic definition:
"a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster."
I believe there are spiritual refugees. Using the same definition, I would describe a spiritual refugee as‚
"a person who has been forced to leave their church in order to escape oppression, manipulation, or abuse."
People leave the church for all kinds of reasons. My observation and experience proves that once you leave the church you are on your own. While you're in the church, there are all kinds of resources to help you in your spiritual and even your practical life. When you leave the church you are forced to either appeal to another religion, spirituality or some other group. Some people want to maintain the independence they fought so hard for and that cost them so much. They are not willing to be absorbed into another religious culture. They're left to wander the spiritual wilderness. I claim that these people, of which I am one, have the right to be confident in their newfound identity and freedom. Like the Romani people (Gypsies), even though they may be itinerant, victims of racism and persecution, forced to assimilate, disrespected for their unique beliefs and lifestyles, we can be a proud people. Our population, though dispersed, is growing rapidly. These are my people who I most care for. I call them spiritual refugees. We can also call them pioneers because they are looking for a land of their own where they can build their own kind of spirituality particular to them without being harassed. This is the kind of people that make up the membership of The Lasting Supper. You will love what you find there, including a very active exclusive Facebook group! Please join us.
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