Do You Need Space to Seek?

"Find Seek" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I value sacred spaces where people are allowed to seek freely without fear of negative repercussions. There were none anywhere. So I started The Lasting Supper, my online community. Here's a bit from our about page: "At this point there are over 200 members from all around the world ranging in age from teenagers to adults of all ages. Most come from a Christian perspective and are either struggling to stay in the church, including those in ministry, or they are learning how to live their lives outside of it in a healthy, happy, and meaningful way. But no matter where you are on the theological spectrum, whether you believe or doubt or don't, we promise to show mutual respect for our individual paths. I can confidently claim that so far it's been a great success." You can check around the site and decide if you want to join. I will personally welcome you. And if you do and become a part of our private Facebook group, you will enjoy immediate interaction with the other members. It's fantastic!
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