"The Good Blender" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Do you want to be good?

"The Good Blender" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Get this cartoon or check out all my art! I'll ship anywhere for free if you use the code 'shipit' at checkout! Last night I posted this on my nakedpastor Facebook page (please "like" if you wish!):
"Is it an admirable quality that someone who has left Christianity feels superior to those who haven't?"
The comments are fascinating. I wrote this in response:
"Wow i woke up to a flood of comments. Thanks guys. Great discussion. I compare it to physical growth. I am not superior to a child. But my body is more suited to its environment. I think evolution, or even just change, is a better way to say it rather than progress so I don't communicate superiority. I used to be fundamentalist. I used to be evangelical. I used to be a charismatic. Etcetera etcetera. But I don't consider myself superior to who I used to be. Ideas or beliefs don't make me a better or worse person. They aren't my essential me. Anyone who has kept a journal for years will recognize this: reading your entries 20 years ago is a shocking realization that even though we've changed a lot in our thinking, etc., we really haven't changed at all. We are the same old person with the same old issues. But we are different. Changed. But, now in a condition to better suited to my environment or my interpretation of what reality is. I've adapted to what I know to be true."
Have you been taught that you are bad? Do you believe it? Is it possible that we are essentially good but perhaps disintegrated, and that through some work we can reintegrate ourselves and become individuated, in touch with our goodness, and even healthy and whole? I hope you like the cartoon! Come meet some other good people at The Lasting Supper!

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