Do you wonder if you're still a Christian?

So what's going on with this guy? Has he lost his faith? Have his beliefs changed beyond recognition? Does he no longer believe and identify with the pervading version of Christianity he finds himself in? OR... has he been informed that he is no longer a Christian? My beliefs have changed beyond recognition. In fact, I no longer even use the words "believe" or "faith" to describe my inner life. I question belief and faith. I also question the historicity of Jesus as presented in the gospels. There's a lot about me that gives people enough fuel to burn me. Here's the thing: I still consider Christianity my family of origin. It's a significant part of my DNA. Like I like to say, "My home's in Christianity but I have cottages everywhere." This makes a lot of people uncomfortable, frustrated, and sometimes even angry. Their problem. Not mine. Am I a Christian? Or a progressive Christian? Or post-Christian? Or a Universalist? Or a Syncretist? Or an agnostic? Or an atheist? Or a Buddhist in Christianclothing? Or completely confused? Or a heretic? I get these labels thrown at me every week. None of these own me. None of these offend me. I'm totally at peace. And that's what counts! It wasn't easy getting here, but it was worth the work. <NOTE: I help people through this kind of difficult transition. You can help yourself in a supportive community at The Lasting Supper, or you can let me help youone-on-one. Just email me. >
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