documents, papyri, and I need help!

I m posting a question about Harpur s book, The Pagan Christ. Here s a quote:
According to the historian Herodotus, the father of history, the Egyptian Jesus, known as Iu-em-hetep, or Iusu, was one of the eight great gods who were described in the papyri almost twenty thousand years ago (p. 39).
In my research I finally found the quote in Herodutus that I think he s appealing to:
In fact however Heracles is a very ancient Egyptian god; and (as they say themselves) it is seventeen thousand years to the beginning of the reign of Amasis from the time when the twelve gods, of whom they count that Heracles is one, were begotten of the eight gods (Histories 2.43).
I m guessing that the 17,000 years plus the approximately 3,000 that have passed since Herodutus = the 20,000 years he s referring to (and he seems to be talking about Heracles, not Iu-em-hetep). But what documents? What papyri? Can anyone help me here? I ve yet to find any extant papyri older than approximately 3,000 BCE. I like to check sources as I go along. So help me here!


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