does the church have exclusive right of access?

Some assert that the only way to God is through the church. Some would theologize that the church is Christ's body, and that Christ is the mediator between God and people, so those in Christ would be in the church, and to be outside the church is to be outside of Christ. Some would insist that you cannot find God without Christ and that the church is the best guide to finding Christ and therefore finding God. Some cannot imagine a spirituality outside of an organization. I admire and encourage people to find their own spirituality, to discover what it means to become spiritually independent, to refuse to bow to the institutional pressure to conform to the group. Even if this group provides privileges, your spirituality may be constricted. It takes a lot of courage to do what this young woman is doing. She has decided to challenge the church's claims. Meet other people like her at The Lasting Supper.
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