Dog and Cat Devotions

dog and cat devotions cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A dog and cat are on a couch reading their bibles and having devotions. The dog thinks, "I love God!" The cat thinks, "God loves me!"


Both aren't wrong.

I know I poke fun at our pets. I want to make a disclaimer right up front. I love dogs and cats. I love animals. And I love their peculiarities.

Yes, this is a generalization for the purpose of a cartoon... that dogs love unconditionally and cats expect to be loved unconditionally.

Sure, dog love to be loved (most) and cats love to love (some).

But the point of the cartoon is that both can be a healthy way to be spiritual. It is good to love. And it is good to be loved.

Imagine if we were all like this dog and just loved.

Imagine if we were all like this cat and knew we were loved.

That's what I'm getting at.

That's what I'm getting at: that it's good to love and good to know you're loved.

Enjoy your pets! 

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Haha – that’s hilarious.

I suppose whether you are a dog person or a cat person depends on what you are brought up with :).

Adam Julians

This is adorable, true and helps us see a lovely message.


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