Don't Be Afraid To Read Heresy

Don't be afraid to read heresy.

The literal definition of heresy is belief contrary to orthodox doctrine or opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.

Many people over the centuries have been executed for writing it. Many have been executed for just reading it.

Now, people are mostly excommunicated for writing it. Now, many more suffer numerous consequences for just reading it.

I remember one incident where I was caught reading some eastern philosophy by a an orthodox friend. He promptly scolded me for it, insisting that there was enough orthodox Christian material to read without creeping outside of its tidy boundaries.

That didn’t deter me.

I’m not ashamed to say that I like where I am today, theologically. I attribute this to the many unorthodox ideas… yes, heresies… that I’ve read and entertained.

This daring venture has made me deeper, wiser, and more open to the mysteries of the universe.

I do believe my theology, my philosophy, my thinking, is richer for it.

We do have a choice: Read only authorized material and be conformed to the expectations of those who rule over us, or read outside the lines and discover and enjoy the vast wealth that it provides.

Read whatever you want!


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