Don't Believe Everything You Fear!

I remember very clearly the night I allowed my theological deconstruction to really take root. I was lying in bed, it was very dark, and I felt a wave of fear crash over me. Here's what I thought: "If I no longer believe there is a Hell butthere is one, I'm definitely going there now!" It was terrifying. Listen my friends: I understand. But I want to encourage you (and I speak from experience and observation) that you will get through this! I have. Many of my friends have. It's because we have a triggering relationship to fear. The things we believed are sewn into our spiritual DNA. They sometimes seem so hopelessly entangled that we might wonder if we'll ever get over it. But you will. There will come a day, and I'll use myself as an example, when you think about Hell, you won't feel that chill of fear go through your body. When you stop fearing everything you believe, you will no longer believe everything you fear. Want to read a good book on fear? Read The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin!
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