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When you understand your dreams you understand yourself! You can use this PDF worksheet to analyze your own dreams. Do you think you don't dream? Do you have trouble remembering your dreams? Do you have no idea what your dreams mean? Dreams have literally changed my life! They have helped me understand myself better, improved my relationships... including my marriage, and have guided me through important transitions in my life, including major career changes. So I created a course so you can understand your own dreams! Here's just one testimonial: "I've learned so much in this course, and have used my newly learned skills to interpret some of my old dreams which have stuck in my head (for good reason, I'm assuming). I'm bad at remembering most of my dreams so will be sure to have a notebook and pen next to my bed from now on. The course has been enjoyable as well as informative. Thank you, David!" (Mary Ann) I remember the first time I went to a dream analyst. It cost me $125 for 45 minutes. Did I regret spending that money? No! Because it opened up a whole new and exciting chapter in my life and put me on the path to self-understanding. My course is only $97 with many hours of content. SO WORTH IT! Take the course, and you gain admission to The Dream Group... a private Facebook group just for students of the course. Here's where we share dreams and gain insight into what they mean. Plus this is where I can interact with you. See you there! Click here to check out the course. There are a couple of lessons you can preview if you like.
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