Z-Theory #1: Dreams and Waterfalls

I had a dream: There is a huge waterfall. I am looking up at the oceans of water coming over the edge of the cliff. The water explodes at the bottom, the impact of which creates all kinds of noise, mist and turbulence. The water spreads over the landscape, completely covering everything. That's it. But when I wake up, I immediately understand what it means:
This waterfall is a picture of What Is. You cannot see above the edge of the cliff. The Source is there but you cannot perceive it. It is infinite and therefore beyond the finite mind to grasp. The water falling and hitting the earth is the Incarnation. The What is emptied itself and became One with all. The water spreading out over the landscape and covering all is what we call spirit, that has accomplished the purpose of what we call the incarnation.
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I searched for this after it was mentioned in the YouTube video with Jeff Elkins. This is beautiful! Thank you.


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