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(*** Just in case... use the coupon code "deconstruction" at checkout for 50% OFF the ORIGINAL¬†price!, Now only $49!!!) I'm very excited to be offering this course! So I'm offering an "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL" of 50% OFF, which makes it just $49 for the course right now. The course will open on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. You will be notified when it opens. The course will take between 3 and 4 hours. Are your beliefs changing? Do you feel like you're losing your faith? Are you worried that you are backsliding? Do you wonder if you are being deceived? Do you feel guilty for changing your mind? Are you confused? Are you under suspicion from your church? Are you afraid of going to Hell? These are very valid questions. I've wrestled with each and every one! This is why I created this course! I wanted to create something for other people that I know would have helped me on my spiritual journey through this dark and confusing time in my life I call deconstruction... because it is a tearing down of our beliefs and even our faith. It took me years to work through these questions. I want to speed this up for you! Because I know how painful it is. I hope that within just a few hours you will already start to feel better! I hope, by the end of this course, that you feel: less afraid and more courageous, less ashamed and more confident, less depressed and more happy, less guilty and more whole, less confused and more wise. It took me years to get through this process to a place where I have peace of mind. So I made this course so that you can shorten the duration of this process and get through it faster! I want you to experience relief from your fear, shame, guilt, and confusion, RIGHT AWAY! So how do I hope to do that? First, I will take you through the stages of death and dying. Because that's really what we're experiencing‚ a kind of spiritual death. We are grieving the loss of a secure faith. Then, I will take you through other models of stages of faith and spirituality. Finally, I will give some stories, warnings, guidelines, and advice, to help you on your journey. I do this because I want you to know that what you're experiencing is: normal healthy necessary ... IF you want to grow as a person. Want some testimonials? Here's what others have to say about what I provide: "The freedom David lives in is contagious. He shows a safe way to deconstruct." (Jeni Lowery) "I have always felt like I lived on the margins, and that includes my spiritual life. I pick and choose what feeds my soul, but I was often made to feel guilty about not fully adopting one faith. But with David's help, I have learned to love being on the margins, and that it's ok to not simply accept everything religion feeds you. I feel free and more confident in how I express myself spiritually than I ever have in my life." (Kristie Hayes) "Even though I was well on my way through deconstruction when I met David, I was still in need of someone who could tell me 'me too,' and offer me practical wisdom from then on. Our subsequent on-line interactions have proven to be very beneficial regarding the 'road less traveled' part of my life, and these last more than five years of friendship and attending counsel have been incredible. I (and I believe many others) have found a wise and compassionate mentor in David, to whom I feel very grateful." (Chris Hill) ‚ÄúWhat a gift it was to come across David Hayward during my free fall, with nothing to hold onto it was incredible to find a tribe of people all grappling with the same questions and doubts. Thanks David for refusing to be silent, for speaking out and encouraging those who are just finding their voices and wings.‚Äù¬†(Leonie Hull) ‚ÄúI was feeling very lonely and overwhelmed before I found David. We had just left the ministry, moved to a different state, and started to doubt our beliefs. It was a breath of fresh air to discover David years ago. He has done an incredible job of making me and other people from all walks of life feel welcomed, accepted, safe and loved. He encourages not only a safe discussion about my doubts and questions, but also establishes an atmosphere where I can be myself, let loose and even make new friends with the other students. I'm proud to say that David is not only a mentor but has become a good friend.‚Äù (Kelly McGarry) ‚ÄúDavid has provided an accepting environment where I can voice my questions, doubts, and evolving ideas. I now have many friendships based on mutual love and respect rather than common beliefs, something I hadn't known was possible before.‚Äù (Julie-Anne Morris) ‚ÄúWithout the space that David has created for me to explore I would never have survived leaving Christianity and finding my own path. The most beautiful thing about David is that he truly wants and celebrates you finding your own way - not coming to his conclusions but your own. I highly recommend any of David's work.‚Äù (Ursula Kuba) ‚ÄúDavid has given me a safe place to embrace the continuing transformation of my faith life without worrying about upsetting the many who follow my other writings on the faith life. It gave a necessary freedom.‚Äù (Christy Thomas) "David invites you to open your mind and think on your own. This is both terrifying and terrific, as most freedom is. Having a friend and a guide as you deconstruct is not only important, but necessary in my opinion." (Robin) So, you see? You're not alone! And you can do it. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Engage me. I love interacting with people. Just check it out, and please pass this on to your friends: THE COURSE. See you on the inside! David
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