Emergent and wolves in sheep's clothing

"Sheep's Clothing" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Like this cartoon? Get a print HERE. I do remember when the Emergent movement was gaining ground and speed. I remember when I started seeing books from Emergent authors being read. It was an exciting time of exploration." It was cool to see people endeavoring to think outside the box and explore new ways to think, be, and gather as Christians. But now I think it has settled, staked its claims, drawing boundaries, building fences, and establishing its laws. It has lost its pioneer spirit. No matter how beautiful and beneficial a movement is, and no matter how impressive and influential a person is, no movement and no person is immune from the temptations that come with any territory. Greed, ambition, selfishness, jealousy, lust, lying, favoritism, dissension, hatred, competition... you name it... all these are at the" doorstep. Wolves in sheep's clothing! Bad-intentioned people infiltrating well-intentioned ones. Basically, it means that wherever you feel you are safe and in good company, someone there might just turn on you and devour you. The same person who loved you yesterday just may" reject you today. Personally, I think it would be wise for all those who are or used to be associated with the Emergent movement to admit where they have behaved more like wolves so that trust can be rebuilt and people can move on to healthier places. It's good to admit where you were wrong. For me, I am determined to trust. Oh, I want discernment. I want to be brutally honest with what I see and hear in other people... what I see and hear between the lines. But I want to trust. Most people mean well. Most people are good. This is what I choose to believe. I understand they could turn in an instant. But until then I will choose to trust and enjoy the moment. I'm not settling. The" pioneer spirit is casting" me further into the wilderness again. Anyone with me? I know members of The Lasting Supper are. You are welcomed to join us. CHECK US OUT HERE.
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