"No human being should ever evaluate another human being" (W. Edwards Deming). If leaders obeyed this maxim alone massive transformation would occur within our communities, mainly because people would suddenly find themselves liberated from the crushing and debilitating weight of condemnation. If people are willing to gather together with us, no matter what our differences are, then who are we to evaluate them, rank them, and finally exclude them from our company? This is one reason why people are reluctant to surrender themselves to fellowships. It means the relinquishing of freedom and self-control and submitting themselves to coercive and destructive relationships and systems. Rather than regarding the voluntary gathering as a means to eventually shape a person to the standard, I consider this willingness to fellowship together, in spite of our profound differences, the demonstration of the beautiful idea of community. Community is not a means to an end, but the end in itself. I say this confident that true community, the glue of which is love, is profound, dynamic and transformative, and provides happiness to its members.
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