everything has a positive spin

You can give practically anything a positive spin.

I've used these spins. They've been used on me. This is why I am extra sensitive to abusive, manipulative and controlling behavior and speech. I've given it and received it. We have to be very, very aware at how pervasive the attitude of control and the language of power permeates our speech. Maybe not obviously, but if we read between the lines it can often be detected.

Did you know that there are speech analysts who comb political speeches, propaganda, advertisements, news articles... all that is done and said and written... to detect and expose the assumptions of power made by politicians, the media, leaders and other people in positions of influence, authority and power? I find their analyses fascinating.

Try it on yourself. Analyse the things you say... to your spouse, to your kids, to your employees, to other people. Can you detect a superior attitude in there somewhere? And if so, what positive spins have you given them to justify saying such things?

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