Z-Theory #5: explanations

I want to make as clear as possible the motivations behind me trying to articulat the z-theory. The first is that I have struggled for years to create a structure for thinking about reality that is not offensive to my intellect. My intellectual, as well as spiritual struggle, is not new to anyone, including my family, friends, church, and readers. After having a dream a little over a month ago, I felt encouraged to pursue what it meant. Hence, the z-theory. It has brought an incredible sense of release, freedom and joy to my personal life because the shackles of fundamentalism have finally fallen off of my mind... at least to some degree... and a huge burden has been lifted that crushed my ability to think freely, independently and compassionately. I am grateful for this new transformation that has occured in my mind.

Secondly, I have a passion for setting other people free from their own bondages. I am a pastor, and I do pastor a local Christian church, and it is a member of the Vineyard movement. Even though the Vineyard espouses certain beliefs and values, I have emjoyed the freedom to think and act autonomously. And even though I recognize that this z-theory is offensive to some, I believe it is totally within the broad spectrum of what is true. Being a pastor, in my opinion, means caring for a diversity of people. If anyone knows me or has read my blog, they know I am passionate about unity in diversity. There are charismatics and non-charismatics, fundamentalists and agnostics and atheists, traditional families and single moms and gays in same-sex relationships and commonlawers, addicts and clean, etc, etc... I believe I have a responsibility to all of them to pastor them in thier own unique way. I am not interested in requiring everybody to believe or think the same. This z-theory helps me to engage all people and to provide an arena within which all people of all persuasions can dialog.

Like I said, I am passionate about people being freed from their bondages that keep them captive. This theory helps me to do that.

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