Fearless Commentary

You can buy a fine art print of this image, or the own the original! Click here!. I made a new friend, Viveka von Rosen, also known as LinkedinExpert (her Twitter handle)! She loved my image of "Fearless" and wrote a great commentary on it as she applied it to her own personal challenge to being fearless on social media. Check out her post at Linked Into Business here. Here's an excerpt:
I recently received a print of David Hayward's picture, “Fearless.” The Pen and ink drawing is of a little girl holding up her teddy bear in the face of a Grizzly. When I first saw the picture, it nudged something deep inside me. I commented on it on Twitter (David's twitter name is @nakedpastor) sparking a new friendship (Yes it's just that easy!) Here's the truth of the matter sometimes I feel like the little girl in the picture. Sometimes I feel like I'm facing insurmountable odds with nothing between me and a grizzly outcome but an illusion of success, and sometimes I feel like there is nothing that can stop me, because I hold everything I need to succeed within me no matter what things look like on the outside. (Click here to read more!.)
You can buy a Get fine art print of this image, or the Get original! Click here!. Thanks Viveka!
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