female flood

Purchase the original pen and ink, or a print of this drawing! Many years ago when I realized I was depressed and felt hopelessly trapped in the Presbyterian Church ministry, I had a dream that changed everything. I realized upon waking that I wasn't trapped at all! I was free. But I was also lost. How do we proceed from here? It didn't take long for me to realize that my wife Lisa was more in tune with what was happening. Her intuition, her sense of the new terrain, was uncanny. It used to be that my career as a pastor guided our next steps. But now we just knew that Lisa's ability to hear what to do next was to be relied upon. In essence, we gave her the wheel. Now we take turns. Or share. Or whatever. My best mentors have been women. My favorite spiritual director is a woman. My counselor is a woman. My wise wife, who is my greatest coach and challenger, is a woman. My best friends are women. Those who intrigue me most with what they are doing in this world are women. Are you reading and listening to what women are saying? There is an incredible depth of wisdom, courage and prophetic articulation going on out there. It is fascinating to me because the quality of their voices is so much different than that of men. It is embracing. And she-bear fierce! I think they are weak men who quote scriptures and articulate theologies that attempt to put women in their place.
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