Fight Fair

This is based on a very old post of mine. If we're going to fight, let's fight fair. Here's a few rules I would suggest to my readers. Especially those who comment:
  1. Be respectful. Don't name-call. Don't belittle others.? Example: "I believe there is a God because he talks to me!" "I always thought you were a stupid idiot!"
  2. Focus on the issue. Don't get personal. Maintain clarity on your view. Example: "If there is a God, why is there so much evil in the world?" "Ya, well, you're Satan! That's why, you stupid idiot!"
  3. Stay on point. Don't change the subject until you have dealt with the original issue. Example: "I don't like the church and refuse to be a part of such an abusive institution!" "Well, you weren't breast-fed enough! Let's talk about that, you stupid idiot!"
  4. Wait before writing. Don't respond when angry. Cool off first. Present a reasoned response. It can be impassioned, but make sure it is not a knee-jerk reaction. Example: "I love Jesus because he's my personal Lord and Savior!" "Oh is that right? Then why do I smell crap every time you open your mouth? You stupid idiot!"
  5. Try to understand what others are saying. Don't write people off, but try to understand where they are coming from. Walk in their shoes for a minute. Example: "In my opinion, God is your imaginary friend!" "Well, men are from Mars; women are from Venus. But you might as well be speaking from Uranus, you stupid idiot!"
  6. If you don't understand what they are saying, ask for clarity. Don't assume you know what they mean. Example: "I don't believe there is a literal Hell." "That's why I think you're going to hell!" "Ya, well, I must already be there because I'm talking to you, you stupid idiot!"
  7. Even if we argue ideas, try to respect and appreciate other people. Example: "I'll pray for you, that you will get saved and go to church." "Ya, well, I pray that you get drilled through the head with a meteor, you stupid idiot!"
Anyway, those are just a few rules to help us fight fair and to encourage everyone to stay in the game. Please join my newsletter.
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