find a church where you don't have to surrender

"Surrender" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward GET THIS CARTOON! If you read my book, Questions are the Answer, you will realize that it wasn't because of outright abuse that I left the ministry and the church, but because I couldn't be me and stay. I've always explored the edges and even beyond, outside the box, to find out what is true. My intellectual curiosity, my hunger to know and understand, my thirst for true wisdom... I finally came to realize... was not welcomed inside the confines of the church life I had known up to that point. The only way I could continue growing in my own personal rights and freedoms was to leave. The only way I could think freely was to get a divorce. I know there are some church communities where people are free to be themselves and explore theological and philosophical frontiers. But I think, frankly, they are rare. Like a good marriage relationship... each partneris totally themselves. They learn how to be completely free without violating the freedom of the other. If you find a church like this, stay. Make it work! Now, in a community context, I can exercise my rights and freedoms, as well as my intellectual curiosity, at The Lasting Supper.
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