food for thought for Christmas

I have lots of art available for you, including many of my popular cartoons, my Sophia drawings and paintings... originals and reproductions: SHOP NOW I remember Martin Luther saying something about joy being a serious matter. Or perhaps it was C.S. Lewis. Or both. In any case, a man acquainted with grief can laugh. And jolly men can weep. Are you allowed to laugh? Are you allowed to weep? Our online community, The Lasting Supper, continues to grow. Some try it out for a while and leave because it's not a good fit. Here's the kind of person who stays: they want to laugh; they want to be able to grieve; they want to be able to get angry and maybe even swear; they want to question every bit of theology they've believed; they want to doubt; they want to poke fun; they want to think independently; they want to find others who want the same things; they want to be free; and most of all, they want to do this in a safe space without being judged, confronted, taught or corrected, just heard. They want community. Join us!
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