For the Love of Pets

love pets cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


Valentine’s Day approaches and we’re talking about love of all kinds.

Today we’re talking about the love of and for our pets.

We have a Westie. Her name is Sophie.

I didn’t want her.

Now I can’t live without her.

We had another dog some years ago, Abby, and she died. I missed her very much.

We went a few years without a pet.

Then my wife and kids decided I needed a dog. I’m at home alone all day every day where I do my work. They thought it would not only be nice for me to have company, but that I needed someone to love throughout the day and for them to love me.

I resisted and resisted. I didn’t want the hassle, the responsibility, the work, the commitment, the interruptions, and the heartache when her time comes.

They made me do it.

When we went shopping, this tiny Westie puppy and I bonded. Immediately. We chose her. Weeks later when we could take her we picked her up and brought her home.

Now we’re inseparable.

I do love her. You can’t change my mind.
I think she loves me. You can try to change hers.

Do you have a pet you love?

Because love is love.
I think it matters.

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Pet love has taught me a lot and has significantly changed my belief system.
There are some awful things I believed about God once upon a time. There are some things I learned about unconditional love from our 🐕 that destroyed a defective faith. I am so glad Bandit taught me some things about true love that I never learned in church or culture.


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