Franklin Graham: Saeed is Freed. Free Naghmeh too!

"His Problem Not Her Fault" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I've had the great pleasure of being friends with Naghmeh. She contacted me after she saw this first cartoon I did in her honor and in her defense. We've been communicating since. I'm also glad she became a member of The Lasting Supper where she's getting really good support and advocacy. I predicted... (and I'm not boasting about this because any person with a lick ofsense could have predicted this because this is what usually happens to women who expose their male abusers)... that she wouldn't be believed, she would be made to look likea liar, it would somehow become her fault, her leaving the relationship would be her refusal to help repair it, and her exposingSaeed's abusiveness would not only cast a shadow on a modern Christian hero of the faith, but The Faith itself. Every attempt will be made to discredit her. Then, the other day, when Franklin Graham posted his announcement on Facebook, the prediction came true. Then Saeed came out with a statement denying her allegations, also fulfilling the predictable. As always, people silence the woman, mostly by shaming her into turningsomething that is private into a public issue. Basically, whena man abuses a woman and we try to intervene or advocate, we are told to leave and mind our own business. Hello? It's not a relationship issue! As this cartoon hopefully illustrates... it's his problem, not her fault! I like The Onion for its crazy humor, but this piece about reporting rape ispowerful. I wanted to share it. I'm always shocked when a woman tells her story and isn't believed. But I'm never shocked. Naghmeh is strong and wise. The truth is, she is free and she knows it. Now she just has to pay for it with her resilience and resoluteness. But she does have support. There are people who believe her story. She will be okay.
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