From Dust to Dust

From Dust to Dust

Thanks to a new online friend of mine, John over at microclesia for the link to a Christianity Today synopsis of a lecture given by Scot McKnight on The Five Streams of the Emerging Church. The five streams are, in a nutshell:

  1. prophetic
  2. postmodern
  3. praxis-oriented
  4. post-evangelical
  5. political

Check it out for a more in-depth analysis.

But I've got to get honest here. I had a dream-like picture years ago. It was several men, built rather like the man in this poster, and they were building a pyramid out of themselves. But as soon as they nearly got the pyramid finished, a huge hand came along and swiped them all down. These strong men would then proceed to attempt to build their pyramid again. I felt deep within that this was a picture of the continuous human effort to build something significant and lasting, especially when it comes to religion and the church. The emerging movement, as radical as it seems, all falls under this same effort, in my opinion. Reformation no longer works. Never did! Re-creation... is that something we've tried? Depending on how you look at it, this strong man: is he emerging from the dust, or descending into it?

ps: The pic isn't of me, but my little brother (kidding)! It's actually found here.

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