gays confessing

Whenever I post a cartoon that reveals my advocacy for the LGBT community and for marriage equality, I usually get comments that if I advocate that, then I'm also advocating pedophilia, rape, bestiality, sex slavery and more. Ya. It shouldn't come as any surprise that Sandy Rios of Fox News thinks this way, as well as Dr. Erwin Lutzer, a Chicago pastor she interviewed. Take a listen. It's only a couple of minutes. She compares gay love to the kidnapper/rapist Ariel Castro's rape and torture of his victims. Ya. The argument goes like this: the bible tells us what is sexually right. It also tells us what love is. A pedophile might say he loves his victim. But that's not biblical. So when a gay person says he loves his partner, that is the same kind of love the pedophile is speaking about because it's not biblical. Therefore gay love is wrong. Ya. Have these people ever heard the word "consensual" when it comes to love? No. Lutzer also talks about the confusion we are passing on to our children because of same-sex marriage, etcetera. Perhaps the confusion is coming from trying to chain our children to an ancient worldview, sexuality and morals? He also talks about what true love is according to the bible and the traditional church. But many people don't see the bible or the church as a shining example of what true love is. I suggest that it is not only fruitless but unnecessary for the LGBT community to go to the bible for chapter and verse advocacy or support. Unless we are using the broad hermeneutic of love and justice! Then one can find total advocacy and support for equality, freedom and love. Like this cartoon: there's no bible anywhere in the picture. It doesn't need to be.
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