Gays Go!

Last night I had a very disturbing dream. In my dream there are many lesbians as a part of our community. In fact, it looks like the entire cast of the television show, The L Word. They are my dear friends, brothers and sisters of mine that I love and enjoy. But the disturbing part is when they decide they have to leave. They find that the institution is becoming increasingly unfriendly, unkind and adversarial for them, and that they feel they have no choice, really, but to leave. Well, they do have a choice: stay if you promise to change into something else, or leave if you won't. I feel as though I must stay behind in order to encourage and nurture an inclusive community of love, so their departure feels permanent and painful. I weep with deep sorrow and wake up crying.

I immediately realize that this doesn't just apply to gays, but to all kinds of people because of race, creed, religion, social status, economics, and even personality types. The lesbians in my dream represent, for me, all those who must continually struggle within community because they are different. They not only have to fight for a place, but for their basic rights. I long to experience a community of broad diversity, and it seems increasingly impossible to realize. Of course, this must have been what, in part, inspired today's cartoon.

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