getting in touch with myself once more

I'm not sure why this man is taking a walk now. Is he on his way somewhere? Did his dog need to go out? Or did he just need to center and get in touch with himself again? If it was you, why would you be here? Now? The most peaceful times for me when I feel most connected to Source is at night, under the stars, maybe smoking my pipe, maybe with or without my dog, but usually in winter. There is just so much stillness it seems to seep into the core of my being and evoke a serenity like no other time or place. I take advantage of such times as these. My dog doesn't mind either. Acquire the painting. 40% OFF. Use the code "loveis".
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Hi David. I was wondering if this completely out of stock? Reminds me of my dog and I that I just lost. Thank you.


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