God Didn't Exist

"God Didn't Exist" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

God Didn’t Exist

Our thoughts about God are just that: thoughts about God. They are not God. They theorize about that which we call God. This includes the thoughts of the biblical writers and all theologians since. Their thoughts and writings are not God, but only approximations.

This shouldn’t depress us. This should give us great joy that, if there is a God, this God should be greater than all we can think or speak.

If there is a God, then we can rejoice because God's ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts but beyond finding out.

Krishnamurti, said, "Now, what is reality, what is God? God is not the word, the word is not the thing.”

That’s what this cartoon is about.

At first, this realization terrified me. But then it liberated me. What peace! What freedom! What joy!

Krishnamurti was very serious when he wrote and gave talks. However, when people visited him and he was just going about his day, he was full of humor and jokes, smiling, laughing, and enjoying life. His journals reveal a happy man.

Why is everyone so serious? Christian theology should make us happy… happy to think and write and talk about. Karl Barth said, “The theologian who labors without joy is not a theologian at all. Sulky faces, morose thoughts and boring ways of speaking are intolerable in this field.”

And, G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly, while Satan fell by the force of gravity."

I intend to be happy. Even in my theological investigations and expressions.



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