God Loves You But

God Loves You But

god loves you but cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: There’s a sentence, “God loves you but....”. There are grammatical corrections. “This” with an arrow pointing to “but” cancels “that” with an arrow pointing to “God loves you”.

We all know this to be true.

When you hear, “God loves you but…” you know you’re in for some disappointing news.

You know you are about to get scolded, corrected, disciplined, judged, condemned, marginalized, excluded, or something like that.

Plus we have the added bonus of realizing that the person saying this to you has elevated themselves above you to be able to judge you like that.

What they really want to say is why God does not love and accept you the way you are.


If they could be honest about that then at least we know where the argument lies.

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