God said it I believe it

You can by all kinds of my cartoons like this one, art and Sophias, originals and reproductions, in my online gallery! I had a funny thought last night. I'm painfully aware that many people don't find funny what I find funny. At least I thought it was funny. I thought: what if the early councils where they canonized books of the bible were the same as, say, our Pulitzer Prize or National Book Award? It was their way of saying, "Great book! In fact, we want to recommend this to everybody." And, because of their ancient worldview, they would add, "And we not only believe God wants you to as well, but that he's actually behind this book! He not only blessed it, but begat it!" We are very superstitious people. And as we continue to modernize we don't seem to be getting any less so. We'll believe anything. Once in a while a movie will come out and the creator will say God gave them the movie. A musician will say that she didn't write the song but that it was given to her. A writer will write a book and say that it was narrated to him by God. A preacher will say that the Spirit gave her this message and it is straight from God. I couldn't count how many times it has been said over me, "Thus saith the Lord..." Many people will believe this and buy it. I mean, they will embrace what it says and lay their money down for it. I love the bible. I have enormous respect for it. Because it points in its own unique way towards the Truth.
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