God With a Filter

god with a filter cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description. On the left side is a box with nothing in it. It says, "God without a filter". On the right is a box filled with a light yellow. It says, "God with a filter". 


I see people online who've applied a filter to their selfies that make them look like a highly altered version of themselves.

One young woman admitted that even though she thought the filters made her look amazingly beautiful, they also depressed her and made her hate herself and the way she looks because, well, the filter made her look like someone she couldn’t achieve naturally.

I remember the exact moment when I realized, with terror, that my ideas of God were not God, that my “God” was actually a fabrication and projection of my own mind. 

Talk about unsettling!

Then I remember the exact moment when I realized that belief and nonbelief are no different, that they are simply opposite sides of the same coin of thoughts we cherish. They are both stuck in the binary world of this and that. 

What is beyond the word? What is beyond the thought? 

Can the mind rest, in complete repose, without the swirling thoughts it cherishes and the words it prefers, to experience what is beyond them?

Beyond belief!


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