going into church alive and coming out dead

"Bring Out Your Dead" (by nakedpastor) SHOP FOR MY ART! I drew this cartoon and posted it first in December of 2006! Wow. I've been cartooning for a while now. At that time I was a pastor of a local church. I wasn't into that whole "dead believer" kind of mentality... you know... God's frozen chosen and so on. I was more interested in not killing people with bad theology. Or manipulation. Or spiritual abuse. You see, I think this happens a lot: people go to church hoping to hear some good news but leave spiritually murdered. There is good news to be heard. I'm sure there are places where you can come out even more alive than when you went in. I would love to see these places increase. Wouldn't you? *** I would like to welcome you to join The Lasting Supper where we endeavor to keep the news good.
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