Google Translate: Not Listening to a Woman

Google Translate: Not Listening to a Woman

not listening to a woman cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Google Translate: Not Listening to a Woman

This cartoon is a google translate box with Christianese detected: "God says in the Bible that a woman shall not have authority over a man in the Church." On the English side it says, "No f*cking way I'm listening to a woman!!!"

Many assume their beliefs and behaviors are informed by the Bible and Christian theology. 

But I claim we interpret the Bible in such a way and choose theologies that allow us to believe and behave the way we want to.

Then it becomes a vicious circle of confirmation bias.

Example: "As a man I feel superior to women. Oh! Here are some verses in the Bible that confirm my feelings. So God says in the Bible I'm superior to women and should have authority over them and never them over me and that they should submit to me and be silent before me. The fact that we men have the power to make women subject to us with the Bible and my theology and that we have done so in Christianity and the Church for millennia is proof that we have superiority over a them."

This is why at the root of the Church's systemic and systematic subjugation of women is, frankly, a misogyny and sexism cloaked in religion.

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That’s so true and so terrifying, too!


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