Great Nation CARTOON

On the night of Thursday, July 5, 2018, I had a dream. Here it is: I heard the words, "Democracy lasts 24 hours!"... meaning it must be refreshed and worked on every single day without fail. We can't give up. We cannot rest on what we had or have. It takes strenuous effort and continuous diligence to maintain and build it. It's the same with the church and community and even with each of us individually. It only lasts 24 hours! We are a new creation every single day, and we must not only acknowledge this, but intentionally manifest it every single day without fail. If we relax our efforts for genuine democracy and authentic community, they will harden and fall. We are witnessing this now! The idea, or the notion, isn't enough. It must be birthed into reality. I know democracy takes perpetual work. I also know community takes consistent effort. Do the work and reap the rewards. (Are you looking for authentic community? Consider joining The Lasting Supper where we work on it every single day.)
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