3 Wholesome and Affirming Trans Cartoons

Happy International Day of Transgender Visibility — I see you today and everyday! 💙💓🤍💓💙

Trans lives matter and for that reason I am committed to making art that celebrates and uplifts trans people. Art that speaks up against the culture that fosters fear, hate, violence, and cruelty against the trans community.

Did you know that in 2022, there are 7 states in the USA that have proposed bills that would limit the rights of trans and non-binary youth? The rights of trans people are under attack, we can’t sit around and watch any longer.

In honor of International Day of Transgender Visibility here are 3 of my favorite Transgender Cartoons. I hope they make you feel seen and loved. 

Trans Mosh Cartoon

trans mosh cartoon

I drew this transgender celebration cartoon especially for today. If we could all be together, this is what it would look like: a big trans party with all of us supporting and cheering on our trans friends, exactly as they deserve. I love this and hope you do too!

Trans Rights are Human Rights

This trans right is simple cartoon, It's a reminder that trans rights are human rights. This isn’t up for debate. This trans rights cartoon shows this.


Transgender and Friendship 

I say no to backlash, bullying, and exclusion! This cartoon is how it should be.Today is the day to celebrate, love and be grateful for the transgender people in your lives so we can start making the world a safer and more inclusive place for them every day.


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