hate comes from fear and love starts right here

Some people like to claim that I hate some people because I attack them with my cartoons and posts. I strongly disagree. I can sincerely say I do not hate that person. But I certainly do critique what they say and do. Yesterday I wrote to a friend these words:
"I assume we're all equal. So I'm against abuse, control, manipulation, assumptions of power, the presumption of privilege, etc., in whatever mode they appear or are expressed, whether it's with women or church members or LGBT folk or whomever. This is what my cartoons and posts are all about!"
I have written on what I call the z-theory in an attempt to explain why we are all equal, connected and united, even though it is not seen, felt or manifested. It is becoming more and more evident to me that the hatred expressed in our world is rooted in fear. It is also becoming more and more evident to me that love begins in my own heart. Have you considered joining The Lasting Supper? It's a supportive community packed with resources for spiritual transition and independence.
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