Have you Inherited your Parents' Theology?

"Early Inheritance" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Of course parents should teach their children what they know and what they believe to be true. We did. As our parents did for us. But at some point I needed to be able to be able to understand that whatever theology I inherited, it was my right at some point to reject it, change it, or keep it. It's so much easier to just believe what we're told to believe. It's easier because the religion told our forbearers what to believe, our parents inherited it and our parents before them, and then we inherited it. So to reject our parents' theology is seen to reject our ancestors and our religion. There's enormous pressure to keep the ball rolling. Which, unfortunately, is why so many people are rejected by their parents and the church. They refused to play the game, disappointed their team, and dropped the ball. I suggest that any theology worth anything has emerged out of a profound religious or spiritual event. First, there is the experience, then the articulation of it. First, there is the revelation, then there is the theology. But now, we believe the theology and hope to have the experience. Not many people dare go beyond the words and the beliefs to see what's actually there... what is actually true. Few are willing to explore what might be beyond belief.
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