Have You Read "Questions are the Answer" Yet?

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BOOK ON AMAZON! Even though this was published a little while ago, it's still getting great reviews. I've noticed some people getting it and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't read it yet, please do. This is not about the money. That's already taken care of. It's about me trying to ease the journey so many of you may be on right now. It's a brutally honest confession of my life, my struggle with theology and the church, and there are a lot of cartoons in there too. If you've experienced the changing of your beliefs, the deconstruction of your faith, or even a struggle with the church or ministry, then you should read this book. I hold nothing back. Brad Jersak, a theologian, says about it, "Gary Larson meets Jeremiah!" You know... the Far Side guy and the prophet guy. I like that. CLICK HERE TO GET IT!
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