Have you seen this rare picture of Jesus in jail?

Have you been hurt by the church. Talk with me about it--> CLICK HERE! I'm not sure what inspired the cartoon to be drawn this way. It reminds me of my cartoon 10 Signs Your God is Abusive. Jesus in jail!
  • Some will say Jesus never started the church.
  • Some will say the true church isn't a business.
  • Some will say the church doesn't really hurt people.
  • Some will say I should focus on the good not the bad.
Well, the church is a business. The challenge is for it to be a good one that doesn't hurt people but helps them. My books are about freedom--> LOOK! My art is about freedom--> SHOP! I can help you recognize and walk in your own freedom--> WANNA CALL ME? The Lasting Supper is full of free people--> JOIN!
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