Have You Tried Swearing?

have you tried swearing cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: Jesus says to an upset woman, “Well dammit Julie have you tried swearing that shit’s real!”

Why Swearing Can Be Good:

Do you think there is a book in Heaven with a list of words you aren’t allowed to say?

Have you discovered that research shows that swearing can actually help you?

Here are some good reasons for swearing:

  1. Release: Swearing releases pressure. Expressing our emotions can be more effective with swearing. Studies reveal swearing decreases physical and emotional pain.
  2. Freedom: People raised in controlling environments find swearing an effective expression of their new freedom. Liberated from a culture where even words are policed, swearing is a declaration of independence.
  3. Adulting: Swearing is how many adults talk. Some judge people who swear and say they're less intelligent by resorting to lazy language. But there are intelligent people who swear and ignorant people who don't.
  4. Words: Sometimes there's nothing better than a good swear word. Regular words  just don't convey the intensity of emotions. Swearing is a verbal expression of our emotional intensity.
  5. Humor: Often swearing comes with humor. They're often expressed in ways that make us laugh. Watching a video of a guru using swear words is funny. Humor in the midst of a crisis is helpful and swearing can deliver that.
  6. Spirituality: We've sanitized spirituality so that we're no longer human. Swearing is a part of being real people rather than disembodied spirits. Being authentic is spiritual.

There are lots of reasons to swear. But who needs a reason? Why police our words? Sure, I want to be helpful, honest, and true. But sometimes swearing helps me do that.

Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Swearing can be a healthy part of that process.

Have you tried swearing?

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