heated discussion on important issues

One of the things we are taught in school, secular or religious, is that we should, in any discussion, cool or heated, not make sweeping, sensationalist, or conspiracy-theory statements. It seems that Harpur, my post, and consequent comments, have been guilty of this. I was telling my wife Lisa this morning over coffee (ah, life seemed so simple then!), that I decided after the first page of Harpur s book, that I would journal every sweeping, sensational, and conspiracy theory statement he makes. In his first 13 pages I already have written 5 pages of such statements in my journal. And no, I don t write big! Here s just a few:

I will clearly document that there is nothing (emphasis mine) the Jesus of the Gospels either said or did that cannot be shown to have originated thousands of years before (p. 10).

Everything (emphasis mine) already existed in the Egyptian sources there is irrefutable proof that not one (emphasis mine) single doctrine, rite, tenet, or usage in Christianity was in reality a fresh contribution to the world of religion (p. 10).

engaging in this endeavour reveals some extremely disturbing facts (p. 8f).

what I describe and document in the following pages is one of the most far-reaching tragedies in history (p. 2).

Conspiracy Theory:
Whenever any of this material has been mooted seriously, others have rushed to crush it, dismissing it summarily or labeling it as rank heresy (p. 7).

Kuhn s books (his main source) have never been given the wide recognition they so deeply deserve. He simply stepped too often and much too hard on too many powerful toes, particularly those of the vested religious institutions and their hierarchical keepers (p. 10).

I promise to keep reading and give this book a chance because I believe in open and honest dialogue, and all sides must be considered. Oh! For just one of the other "sides", check out this critique of Harpur's ideas and his sources.

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