Hell is Stuck in your Beliefs

"Hell is Stuck in your Beliefs" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I hate these people. I hate them with a perfect hatred! Why am I even here? God, why?! It can't be because of my beliefs. I believed everything right. Just as I was instructed. Not like these idiots. Their ignorance confounds me. They never accepted the truth but were fed lies and were deceived, just like I was told they were. Clearly. So here they are. They stubbornly insist they believed the right things too. This is impossible. It should be obvious to them, even in their blatant blindness, that they were wrong. Otherwise, why would they be here? Think, people! I can't stand being around them. But apparently I have no choice. We're all stuck together in this one awful space. I have to share the toxic fumes of their collective stupidity. Honestly, I don't feel like I belong here. With them. I was told it was going to be eternal torment but that it was because of the eternal physical pain. That's nothing. I can deal with chronic pain. I can adapt. The real torment is being stuck with these stiff-necked fools. They argue a lot. It drives me nuts. Once in a while I try to interject my wisdom, but they look at me like I'm some kind of nut job. So I just shut up and let them fruitlessly bicker amongst themselves. God, how can they be so blind? I suppose they're just trying to figure out why they're here as well. But I know exactly why they're here. So I tell them! Yes, I do. Because that's what I should do! I'm just trying to be a light here. So I say something like, ‚ÄúIt's because your were mistaken!‚Äù But they don't seem to understand what I'm saying. This look of indignant disdain comes over their faces. So I shout over their opinions, ‚ÄúYou didn't believe then, so you won't believe now! Just face it: YOU WERE WRONG!‚Äù God, I can't stand these people! And no matter how much I try to squeeze myself into a corner away from them and their bickering, we still drift together into a contesting clump‚ me with these argumentative assholes. I'll admit I was wrong to think that people would regret their error and that their eternal torment is to remain with the everlasting consequences of their delusions. But no! Every damned one of them still believes they were right and that there must be some kind of mistake. Morons! God, I can't stand them. No matter how clearly I explain everything to them, they refuse to be convinced but instead entrench even more in their own personal brand of insanity. Idiots! Gawd! I must've done something wrong. But I can't figure out what. And I can find no recourse. There's no court of appeals or something. Anything to absolve myself. I don't seem to have any favor or anything. Nothing! When all I want is to get away from these idiots. I just want my own room, godammit! Instead I'm just stuck with these‚ these fucking assholes! God damn it to hell! Fuck! We're just all fucking clustered here in the same fucking place for who knows how fucking long! And I hate them for it.
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