Here are just a few of the areas where Christians can be really mean!

"Jerks" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I've publicly launched my Spiritual Freedom Coaching. Need to talk?¬†Check it out! When Vicky Beeching came out a few weeks ago, she was and still is inundated with hate mail. Even violent hate mail. I forced myself to read a lot of the comments on her blog and her Facebook page. It's alarming and discouraging. From Christians! The same for people who criticize¬†Israel's ideology and policies. The same for people who doubt the historicity of, say, creation or the flood. The same for people who question the church, the bible, or evangelical theology. The same for people who are¬†angry¬†with popular teachers and churches. The same for people who advocate for the LGBTQ community. The same for people who are or support feminists. The same for‚ ‚ the list goes on! From Christians! I know. There are people who act like jerks in other religions and among agnostics and atheists, etc. I know. But there's something disturbingly incongruous¬†when¬†followers of Jesus¬†are¬†hateful.

Thankfully not everyone is like this. Some people really do try to not only believe in love but understand it and practice it.

One of the things I learned in my biblical studies was that, of the virtues listed in the bible, they mostly talk about how to just be a decent human being. Nothing fancy. Just a decent human being.

Maybe not easy. But it is simple!

I work very hard to make The Lasting Supper a safe, online community. Join us! Read my books! Collect my art!

Again‚ do you need to talk with someone about your changing beliefs and faith? Are you confused by, frustrated with, and afraid of the spiritual changes taking place in your life? Make an appointment with me. I'm a great listener. Read some of the testimonials HERE.

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