Historical Perspective

I'm fascinated by the cross and its importance, even centrality! It is the crux of all that matters. I'm reading a book I picked up while on my trip to Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. I was in a cool coffee shop and they had all these books on sale. I was immediately drawn to this one because of its title. Harris Athanasiadis, George Grant and the Theology of the Cross: The Christian Foundations of His Thought. I've barely started it, but like a good book should, it's got me thinking on deeper levels. Grant is considered by many to be "Canada's foremost political philosopher" (inside cover). Here's a quote from page 19: "Grant begins to see human history, not as a progression toward heaven, but a descent into hell. At the same time, he begins to conceive of God not only as judge whose hidden law is the law of natural justice in the world, but as an infinitely patient and merciful God, paintfully waiting through, perhaps even hiding behind, the cruel events of human history, waiting for those individuals and societies ready to repent and return to God." I like this because on the one hand it admits the terrible condition of our world, while at the same time not excusing us from responsibility. The image below is above is one I did to try to capture the centrality of the cross in life. More later!

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